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Consulting at Academic City College is viewed as a dynamic learning process for the faculty and the other stakeholders including the students. It provides an opportunity for them to share insights with practitioners and contributes to experimentation and new learning by clients.

It not only helps improve management capacity and competitiveness but also provides services with specialized analysis for planning and decision making for various stakeholders including services for macro and micro level planning, spanning across wide range of applications.

Academic City College (ACC) actively engages academics from all departments in consultancy services for its various external organisations. Staff from ACC are available for consultancy work and the business development team can assist clients in finding appropriate expertise. Various consulting services that we offer include:

Continuing Professional Development:
From Undergraduate to Post Graduate Taught Programmes to Distance Learning and Online Programmes and various certificate programmes there is a huge variety of programmes that ACC offer to cater to the needs of the working professionals. The Centre for Professional Development of the institution

Contracting Research
Academic City College believes in being at the forefront of scientific research, as as it is one of the pillars for academic excellence and an opportunity to contribute to the society by applying academics for capacity building.

We take a wide variety of research projects and programmes working with private companies and governmental organisations. To find out more about the exciting research opportunities available at ACC you can contact us on or call us to speak with our dedicated Business Development Team to discuss your needs.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
Academic City College plans for collaborative research and knowledge exchange. This work is able to take place through commercial partnerships and through a range of funding opportunities available to organisations from funders from local development groups and other agencies. We can support organisations in carrying out collaborative research. We can also assist in finding external funding sources for work in partnership with the university.

Meet and recruit students:
We are very proud of the high quality of our students at ACC and we believe their ability, enthusiasm and focus makes them sought-after candidates for the most demanding graduate recruiters.

Small innovation Projects

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