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Progression from one level to another: This progression policy is geared towards ensuring that Academic City College monitors students’ performance on a continuous basis to enhance their smooth academic progression.
This would help Academic City College:
• To monitor students’ academic progress
• To provide the basis for assessing the overall performance of students
• Take remedial steps to address the challenges of under-performing students
• To enable students redeem their trailed courses on time

Progression from Level 100 to 200: For progression from Level 100 to 200, students must:
• Pass all courses taken
• Attain a minimum C.G.P.A of 1.0
The student with the barest minimum C.G.P.A (1.0-1.5) at the end of each semester shall be duly cautioned and counseled.

Dismissal: A Level 100 student who fails a total of twelve (12) credits registered for in an academic year (either in the first or second semester) shall be dismissed for poor academic performance.

Supplementary Examinations: A Level 100 student who loses between 1 and 11 credits either in the first, second or in a combination of both semesters shall be given one opportunity to pass a supplemental examination conducted during the long vacation. The student will be dismissed for poor academic performance if he/she is unable to pass all the failed courses in the supplementary examinations.

Progression from Level 200 onwards: To progress from Level 200 to 300 and from Level 300 to 400 the students must:
• Attain a minimum C.G.P. A. Of 1.0
• Accumulate at least 24 credits for the current year
• Not lose more than nine (09) credits in the courses registered for during the academic year

Probation: If a student fails one or more courses per semester, he/she will be required to repeat those courses taking one course only of the failed courses per semester, in addition to the normal course load for the semester.
The student on probation must pass the failed course(s) at one sitting only and if he/she fails to pass he/she shall be dismissed for poor academic performance.

Repeating Candidates: If a student fails a total of 3 courses in a semester, he/she will be allowed to repeat the failed course as “external” candidate. External candidates are those students who are not taking the full complement of courses and are therefore reading only repeated courses. He/she will register for those courses before progressing to higher level.
An external candidate will be required to attend lectures and practical, fulfil continuous assessment requirements and pay tuition fees for full semester as well as hospital and examination fees and any other fees to be determined by Academic City College from time to time.
An external candidate must pass the repeated courses at one sitting only. If an external candidate fails to pass, he/she shall be dismissed for poor performance.
Students can assume external candidacy only once during their tenure in the Academic City College. An external candidate may be allowed to take another course in place of a failed course, if it is not a core course or an essential pre-requisite course in consultation with his/her academic advisor and with the approval of the department.

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