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Academic Progression - University of Mines and Technology

Progression Requirements

i. The school of Engineering shall monitor and inform students of their academic progress in accordance with procedures approved by the Governing council and the Mentoring University.
ii. Each student in the Engineering program shall be assigned a faculty member for academic advice and planning.
iii. All students, irrespective of the number of credits completed within a session, shall have their performance reviewed by the Academic Board at the end of every year.
iv. Eligibility to progress shall be based on the performance of the student during the evaluation period as indicated by the weighted average obtained for that period.
v. The minimum credits for progression on programmes shall be 30 credits at each stage for eg. From Level 100 to Level 200 and so on...
vi. A student shall be considered to be on probation in any of the following situations:
a. 2nd and 3rd year students on trailing (F*) of five or six courses at the end of the second semester examination.
* Refer to the Grading & Evaluation guidelines stated in the document

b. 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students on obtaining a CWA of 45% to 49.99% at the end of the second semester examination.
c. A student on probation is required to improve his/her performance and be in good academic standing within two semesters, failing which he/she shall repeat the year.

vii. A student shall be required to repeat the year/semester in any of the following situations:

a. At level 200 and 300, a student with a CWA/CGPA of less than ‘D’ average would be required to repeat failed courses. The student must take the cluster of courses in that year again. The credits obtained for all the courses in the failed year shall be cancelled.
b. A student on deferring his/her programme for one or more semester.
c. A student on trailing more than six courses as Incomplete (I or I*) at the end of first semester examination or a total of more than six courses as incomplete (l or I*) at the end of second semester examination.
NB: A student has only two opportunities (maximum two years) to repeat in the entire programme.

viii. A maximum period of four semesters, after the second semester Examination shall be granted to final year students to correct their deficiencies in the following situations:
a. A final year student who at the end of the second semester Examination still trails any course(s).
b. A final year student whose performance is such that he/she has to be put on probation for the second time in succession.
c. A final year student who’s CWA is below 50% (D) and has to take any course(s) to make up the grade for the award of a degree. The mark(s) for the newly taken course(s) shall replace the existing mark(s) provided the mark(s) is/are higher.
ix. A repeated student failing to obtain a CWA of 50 % or above shall be withdrawn or re-admitted.
x. Any student upon absenting himself/herself from all courses for a semester Examination without proper permission shall be deemed to have abandoned the programme. They shall be asked by the Governing Council to withdraw from the University
xi. Progression is no guarantee of achievement of the requirements for the final award. Thus failed credits may need to be redeemed even if progression is allowed.
xii. Any additional requirements for progression shall be stated in published programme requirements approved by the Governing Council or its delegated authority.

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