Student Life : Graduation Requirements - University of Mines and Technology

Graduation Requirements - University of Mines and Technology

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, a student must meet the following minimum requirements

i. Satisfy all general University requirements (including Eligibility to the Degree)
ii. Complete the prescribed number of credit hours in each category of course modules specified for his/her programme of study.
iii. Submit and pass an Oral Defense (Viva Voce) of a 4000-5000 word dissertation.
iv. Achieve the minimum average mark: Undergraduate - ‘D’ or Obtain Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA) mark of 50 % and above.
v. Should maintain acceptable moral conduct at the University, including but not limited to personal integrity, uprightness of character, general attitude and co-operation with the University administration and fellow students.
vi. The Affiliating University, will be responsible for the certification and award of degrees, the grading system is as per UMaT regulations and is shown below.

Marks (%)
80 - 100
First Class
70 – 79.99
Second Class (Upper)
60 – 69.99
Second Class (Lower)
50 – 59.99
Below 50

Degree Awarding Institution

Degrees for the programme will be awarded by the ‘University of Mines & Technology’, Tarkwa, Ghana.


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