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Student Assesment - University of Cape Coast

The Academic City College operates a combination of Continuous Assessment and End-of-Semester examination system with the following weightings:
End-of Semester Examination 60%
Continuous Assessment 40%

The continuous Assessment component shall consist of any combinations of take-home assignments, class quizzes or tests, term papers, project work etc. This component gives students the chance to demonstrate their abilities on a wider variety of learning tasks and a broader variety of work environments than is possible under formal examination conditions. For example, through continuous assessment, students can learn the values and processes of teamwork, planning and solving real-life problems.

Duration of End-Of-Semester Examination
The duration of end-of semester examination is determined by the credit weighting of the course; the pattern is as follows;

Credit Weighting Duration of Examination
One-Credit Course 1-1 ½ hours
Two-Credit Course 2 hours
Three-Credit Course 3 hours

Grading Scale
The Institute uses letter grades and numerical weightings corresponding to the letter grades. The numerical weightings reflect the quality of performance. Total raw scores (combination of continuous assessment and end-of-semester examination) are converted according to the following scheme:

Raw Score Grade Credit Value Interpretation
80-100 A 4.0 Excellent
75-79 B+ 3.5 Very Good
70-74 B 3.0 Good
65-69 C+ 2.5 Average
60-64 C 2.0 Fair
55-59 D+ 1.5 Barely Satisfactory
50-54 D 1.0 Weak Pass
Below 50 E 0 Fail

Degree Classification
Undergraduate degrees are classified according to the candidate’s Cumulative Grade Point Average (C.G.P.A). The degree classifications are as follows:

Class Designation C.G.P.A
1st class 3.6-4.0
2nd class (upper division) 3.0-3.5999
2nd class (lower division) 2.5-2.9999
3rd class (division) 2.0-2.4999
Pass 1.0-1.9999
Fail <1.0

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